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William Poer's (1770-1830) Father (Connection to Jeremiah Poer 1754-1850)


William Poer 1770-1830

William Poer is reported to have been born in the year 1770 in Guilford County, North Carolina. And he is reported to have died in the year 1830 in Clark County, Kentucky.

We know William Poer was in Guilford County, NC at some point. Between the years of 1789 - 1790, William Poer is listed in a court case involving trespassing along with Jeremiah Poer (1754-1850) and James Hester. And he also married his Wife Hannah Lane in 1792 in Guilford, NC. 

See the connection between William Poer, Jeremiah Poer and James Hester here:

William and Hannah's daughter Nancy was born in 1793 in North Carolina. She died in the year 1823 in Booneville, Cooper, Missouri. Nancy married John Chaney in 1814 in Clark County, KY. After he died, a William Poer is listed as the administrator of the estate on February 22, 1828 in a Cooper County, Missouri newspaper. Nancy is reported to have died in the year 1823 and John Chaney (her husband) is reported to have died in 1822 or 1823. 

I believe the William Poer listed is William Poer Jr. 1796-1871 (The brother of Nancy). He is on the Cooper County, Missouri census in 1830.

Estate newspaper clipping:

William Poer 1740-1810

In 1740 a William Poer is reported to have been born in Maryland. He is also reported to have died in Ashe County, North Carolina around 1810. Ashe county is in the north western edge of North Carolina.

He had a daughter named Lydia who was born in 1766 in Maryland. She married Richard Chaney in Fayette, Kentucky around 1779. Fayette, KY borders Clark County, KY (Where William Poer 1770-1830 lived)

Lydia and Richard Chaney had a son named John in the year 1780 in Fayette, Kentucky.

In the year 1814, John Chaney married Nancy Poer (1793-1823) in Winchester, Clark, Kentucky. Nancy is the daughter of William and Hannah Poer which would make John Chaney and Nancy Poer first cousins.

William Poer 1770-1830 and Lydia Poer 1766-1824 would be siblings. Lydia died in Boonville, Cooper, Missouri, like her husband Richard.

Because of this strong family connection, I believe William Poer (1740-1810) is the father of William Poer (1770-1830).

There is a William Poer buried in the Sally Poer Cemetery in Cressy, Estill County, Kentucky. I believe the person buried here could be either William Poer (1740) or William Poer (1770) as there are no dates listed for this grave.

The son of William Poer and Hannah Lane is also buried in this cemetery. Benjamin Poer (1799-1890)

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Priscilla Poor (1800-After 1870), Daughter Of Jesse Poore (1770-1860)?

Priscilla Poor was born in North Carolina around 1800. She married William Pence and lived in Sullivan County, Tennessee. On an 1850 land schedule in Sullivan County, TN, William Pence is listed on the same page as William Poor. This is more than likely Jesse Poore's (1770-1860) son William Robert Poore Sr. (1804-1880).

1850 Land Schedule:

William Robert Poore Sr. had a daughter named Nancy and on the 1850 census she is listed as living with her parents and siblings including her brother William R Poore Jr.

1850 Census:

In 1860 William Pence and his Wife Priscilla Pence (Poore) are listed as living with Nancy Poore.

1860 Census:

William Pence, the husband of Priscilla died on June 21st, 1865 in Sullivan County, Tennessee.

In 1870 Priscilla Poor (aged 70) is listed as living with William R. Poore (Jesse Poore's grandson).

The 1870 census lists someone named Rigl Poor at 41 years old. I believe this is William R. Poore Jr. (Jesse's grandson). If you look at the actual census, his name is listed as Rigs. If you compare the wife and children listed to the Children of William Robert Poore Jr. the names match.

It appears that Priscilla Pence (Poore) moved in with her nephew William Robert Poore Jr. after her husband died in 1865.

1870 Census:

If you list Priscilla Poore in with the births of Jesse Poore's children from his first marriage, they are all nearly 3 years apart.

David Poore 1794–

Robert Poore 1797–1850

Priscilla Poore 1800–After 1870

William Robert Poore 1804–1880

Nancy Ann Poor 1807–1850

John Poore 1810–1879